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At Pride Security Group we strive to do what's best for the customer, our employees and the industry.
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A personal letter from the director:

Hi, my name is Richard and I am the director of Pride Security Group. 

The story of Pride starts on a busy Saturday night in Melbourne at a night club. I was the venue manager and I had a team of five security guards. They all had the potential to be a strong and well performing team if their management took the time to show them how. The lack of support and training left them in the same position as a lot of security officers in the industry.

I started to ask myself "why are so many security guards so poorly trained?" 

The answer I came to find is that the course provided by the government, which you complete to obtain a security license does not give you a lot of real world, on the job training. 

I couldn't help to think to myself, have I ever seen a security guard being trained by a manager from their company on the different aspects of the role they are carrying out? 

I hadn't and I bet you haven't either?

During the course of my employment I completed my security certificates and took on a the role as a security manager. 

As the years of experience as a bodyguard, an armed guard and a patrol officer clicked over, I knew this was an industry I am passionate about and want to be a business owner in. 

A business owner who changes the way security is run and the way staff are treated. Constant personal development for staff who work specific to a field not 'All Rounders' and the support and guidance both in work and life that every employee needs.

At Pride Security Group we strive to do what's best for the customer, our employees and the industry. 

Richard Theodorakis

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