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Pride Security can tailor any home security package to suit your needs at your home. Pride offers free consultations and can create a solution to suit any budget. 

If you are after a home security system with an Alarm system, CCTV Cameras or a combination of both, our services include but are not limited to: 
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Home security alarm systems in Sydney are more accessible and affordable than ever!

A home alarm security system with the right features for your needs will give your family peace of mind that there is a back to base monitoring security system at home protecting your hard-earned belongings. 

CCTV Camera systems in Sydney are more affordable than they have ever been. These systems are great for being able to check up on your home visually. Partnered with a home security system with back to base monitoring you will have confidence in your home's security.
*Prices subject to inspection for a formal quote. Prices may vary based on the property and requirements.

Back To Base Security Home Systems

Having a back to a base security system for your home alarm is the best thing you could do for the safety and security of your family and hard-earned belongings. Home intruders look for signs at home that tell them if the owner has a security system. Making your security systems known is also part of deterring unwanted behaviour. Home alarm systems have come a long way with technology which means your new system could be much more affordable than you think. Some security system home alarm features are but are not limited to:
• Modern alarm panel
• Alarm panel tamper alarms
• Hard wired power supply
• Backup power supply
• Dual sim card multicom
• Telstra and Optus service providers
• Alarm sensors for any need
• Pet friendly PIR sensors
• Remote control arm/disarm
• Alarm system access from your phone
• Dual entry timers
• Multiple testing modes
• Zone lockout
• Automatic timed arming
• Entry and exit warning
• Toggle navigation
• 24/7 customer service
The right security alarm system should suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. Wireless alarm sensors for multi-story or double bricked homes are a reliable way an ensure any home can get the right system.

CCTV Security Cameras

With security camera technology constantly evolving and so many options on the market you are sure to find a system that suits your needs. The market is flooded with cheap systems that in theory might meet your requirements, though when you need them most they can't be trusted to operate correctly. Your security camera system at a minimum should be able to read the number plate of a vehicle at night time. Information that your camera could catch can dramatically improve the odds of Police being able to make an arrest related to what your cameras capture. Features you might want to look for when choosing a camera system are:

• Live steam capabilities to your mobile device
• Indoor or outdoor purpose-made cameras
• Motion sensor triggered recording and alerts
• Geo services that know when you are home or not
• Wired or wireless depending on the application
• Backup batteries for wireless systems

Tips For Sydney Home Security

A security system for the home is one of the best ways to deter criminals from targeting your family home. There are also many things you can do while you're at home, at work or on a holiday to reduce the chances of your home being targeted by criminals. 

Crime statistics are always changing. Australia has varying rates of crime though regardless of where you live these tips can help secure your home. The cost of applying any of the following measures to your home will far out weight the cost of replacing stolen items, most of which in the home are irreplaceable.

Door Locks

• Garages are one of the most common entry points for a burglar. If you have internal access to your home from the garage ensure the door is strong and secure with a working lock.

• Installing a peephole in your front door is the safest way to check who is at the door before you unlock the door. Just because someone yells out that they are the postman, doesn't mean they are.

• Security doors should be fitted at a minimum to your front door. If you do have them, make sure you keep them locked.

• Have a plan with the occupants of your home of who is responsible for locking up the house every night and when you come and go throughout the day. While you are locking up don't forget the windows.

• If you have a pet door make sure you lock it while you're not home as most are large enough to gain access or be able to reach in and unlock the door.

• Most security doors if locked with the key cannot be unlocked from the inside. this is an important feature to take advantage of.

Window Locks

• Windows are a key entry point along with the front door for most burglars. Almost all windows have a lock mechanism designed for them and are inexpensive. An open window gives the burglar a Quiet entry giving them more time inside your home.

• Metal security shutters of grills are the best way to secure your windows from being an access point for burglars. Be cautious to use a reputable brand as you do not want them to fail in an emergency.

• Do not leave your keys in the window lock. Unfortunately, this is a common practice and criminals may break one window to get the keys and then have access to all your windows.

Security Lighting

When security lighting is sensor activated it alerts anyone nearby that there is activity at your home. Most neighbours know each other's general activity level and sensor lighting may be enough to alert someone of out of the ordinary activity.

• Criminals are trying to hide from plain sight when trying to gain access to your Sydney home. Leaving bright exterior lights on while you're away can be a strong deterrent.

• Regularly check and maintain your exterior lighting especially if battery operated. Clearing dirt and debris from sensors will improve its operation.

Home Alarm System

Pet-friendly alarm sensors are now available. If you have pets inside don't let them be the reason you don't arm your security systems while not at home.

• Regularly clean your alarm sensors. PIR sensors can be interfered with if a build-up of dirt, cobwebs or household items are blocking their view.

• Your alarm system keypad will alert you if your system's battery level is low or if any other issues with the security systems arise. Be sure to contact your customer service to have these issues repaired asap.

• Security alarms only work if they are turned on. Use your alarm systems every time you leave the house.

• Alarm monitoring is important for your alarm systems. Monitoring services will alert you of any activation at your property and send the necessary help.

Your Items

Generally speaking when items are stolen from a home they are sold by the burglar as soon as possible. The most useful information you can provide Sydney police with is a log of inventory exactly what has been taken can be determined. 

This inventory list also helps you and your insurance company at the time when a claim is made. If police know what was taken they can begin to investigate if the items are being sold publicly. An example of the details to log are;

• Colour
• Serial number
• Model name/number
• Manufacturer

Tips For If You Are Taking Holidays

Australians love the holiday season. Unfortunately, criminals do too. Christmas holidays are especially at high risk for burglary across Australia. 

Along with your home security system ensure you act on all the previous tips with ensuring your sensor lights, cameras and alarm system all work correctly. Boxes left out for recycling can also show criminals new items in your home. Other helpful tips for holidays are:

• Ask a friend or neighbour to park in your driveway
• Have somebody collect your mail
• Stall all deliveries where possible
• Do not record an away on holidays phone message for your home phone
• Check with your local Sydney police station to see if they do patrol services for unattended houses during the holidays
• Employ Pride Sydney security patrols to check your home every night
• Avoid public posts on social media stating that your house will be unattended
• if your trip is longer than 1 month pay your services bills in advance

Alan Curtis

Operations Manager - iDetect Group
"Pride Security Group has provided iDetect in New South Wales, a high level of professionalism in not only responding to our clients alarms in an efficient and timely manner but also providing detailed reporting of their findings.

Pride Security Group has also apprehended a number of offenders caught onsite. The training that Rick has provided to his team, gives them the confidence and experience to approach each situation with a high degree of focus to ensure a positive and safe outcome.

Rick has accompanied our NSW BDM to site meetings with clients to ensure he has the full brief on the job he will be undertaking. This also goes a long way with our clients showing them we have a serious and professional company working with us on the protection of their assets and site.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Pride Security Group."

Chris - Director
Ultraglaze Services International Pty Ltd

"Pride Security Group manage the security services of our national distribution warehouse. Our warehouse distributes to 10+ franchises Australia wide so security of the stock is important to us. Pride Security Group have always provided a service above our expectations and we look forward to many more years of business together.

Michael Kennedy
Home Owner

"Pride installed a new alarm and camera system in my house. I was recommended them by a friend and couldn't have been happier with the service. Due to working night shift my house is regularly unattended at night which is why I wanted back to base monitoring for the peace of mind that Pride will check my house if there is an alarm activation. I have since recommend pride to my family members who have nothing but positive reports."

Erween Imperial International Singer and Song Writer

"The team at Pride Security Have provided close personal protection and asset protection for my band at two events. 

The experience in hiring Pride for the job was easy and seamless. They provided great planning for the events and everything ran smoothly. 

I Highly recommend Pride to fellow industry members needing a protective service"
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