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Security Guards

Pride Security Group have specifically trained security guards who specialise in static security, crowd control and many other varying roles with cost-effective planning in place to suit your needs. We supply guards to businesses, residences and other sites that are after a Professionally trained security guard. 

We can tailor a package to suit your needs whether you are currently looking for security guards to carry out a full time or casual security role. With regular training, our licensed and experienced security guards are ready to join your team and fulfil your security needs. 

Pride security guards have on the job experience throughout many sites in Australia. Pride guards regularly undergo retraining from management as well as license checks and first aid/ CPR refresher courses.
*Prices may vary based on the time of day/date and requirements of the role.

Our Service

Security guard licenses vary for different activities performed within the industry. The security guard might not only vary in their personal strengths but also their licensing qualification. 

Pride trains security guards to work in specific fields that they are experienced in so that we can always meet our client's expectations of our service. A Pride security guard is a professional you can trust. 

Unsecured Site Security Management

Often security is required for these roles where there is a probable threat of damage, vandalism, theft, or the premises have been left unsecured following a crime or building damage creating a security risk. Repeat offenders often target sites they have been able to obtain valuable goods from especially if the presence of security has not been made obvious. Statistics show that often the thieves return to the scene of the crime within three months. If you are currently seeking security guarding services and would like to speak to a member of our team about your business, residence or site protection please contact us with the details of your request. Security services include but are not limited to:

• Security officer foot patrols
• Security Lock up services
• Security Guard unsecured premises
• ID Checks

Close Personal Protection

There are many reasons close personal protection could be used. Pride bodyguards are licensed and have been nationally accredited with a certificate in bodyguarding. Close personal protection and bodyguarding needs vary in many ways. Some examples are:

• Vehicle escorts
• Event escorts
• Guarding a principle in a public place
• Guarding a principal carrying a valuable item
• Protection for celebrities
• Protection for staff members under a threat

Security Escorts

Security escorts can be for a singular person or multiple people. Security escorts can be as simple as ensuring your staff get from your building to the car park safely. Escorts can also be as complex as ensuring a person gets home safe with a vehicle escort. Similar to Bodyguarding and close personal protection an escort ensures the safety of a person from A to B. Services can include:

• Perimeter checks before staff leave the building
• Walking staff to their vehicles
• Escorting staff carrying valuables to or from work
• Ensuring the safety of staff at the close of business

Welfare Checks

Most commonly a Security welfare check is used in a scenario where a business operates after hours or in an area affected by crime. A welfare check can be performed during the day or night and gives business owners peace of mind that the safety of their staff is being checked by a licensed professional security guard. Some examples of welfare checks are:

• Staff on-site after hours
• Staff member working alone
• Staff have previously been threatened at work
• Staff who work with dangerous machinery

Building Security Guard

There are many reasons a building may need security. Pride supplies licensed and professional security officers who can operate during business hours, or after hours for your building with a tailored plan to suit your needs. Providing protection for your staff is a major part of the role though it doesn't end there. Your guard can carry out security guard jobs such as, but not limited to:

• Concierge
• Regular perimeter security checks
• ID contractors working on site
• Security welfare check staff staying after hours
• Direct visitors to the correct departments

Corporate Security Officers

Corporate security roles demand a well trained and trimmed security officer regardless of the job type. Whether the corporate security role is for a Building or function we have the experience to handle your security guard needs. A tailored security package for your needs can ensure you are being provided with the service your business demands.

• Concierge
• Greeting clients
• VIP list management
• Contractor sign in/out

Security Access Control For Buildings Or Events

Security managed access control is a safe way to maintain site security and ensure that only approved people should enter your site or event. A Licensed security guard is trained in reading identification documents and how to recognise a fake or modified document. At a time when a Pride security guard is given a fake ID, the guard is specifically trained to handle the situation and notify the correct authorities. Ensuring ID checks are performed correctly directly improves the security of the site.

Alan Curtis

Operations Manager - iDetect Group
"Pride Security Group has provided iDetect in New South Wales, a high level of professionalism in not only responding to our clients alarms in an efficient and timely manner but also providing detailed reporting of their findings.

Pride Security Group has also apprehended a number of offenders caught onsite. The training that Rick has provided to his team, gives them the confidence and experience to approach each situation with a high degree of focus to ensure a positive and safe outcome.

Rick has accompanied our NSW BDM to site meetings with clients to ensure he has the full brief on the job he will be undertaking. This also goes a long way with our clients showing them we have a serious and professional company working with us on the protection of their assets and site.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Pride Security Group."

Chris - Director
Ultraglaze Services International Pty Ltd

"Pride Security Group manage the security services of our national distribution warehouse. Our warehouse distributes to 10+ franchises Australia wide so security of the stock is important to us. Pride Security Group have always provided a service above our expectations and we look forward to many more years of business together.

Michael Kennedy
Home Owner

"Pride installed a new alarm and camera system in my house. I was recommended them by a friend and couldn't have been happier with the service. Due to working night shift my house is regularly unattended at night which is why I wanted back to base monitoring for the peace of mind that Pride will check my house if there is an alarm activation. I have since recommend pride to my family members who have nothing but positive reports."

Erween Imperial International Singer and Song Writer

"The team at Pride Security Have provided close personal protection and asset protection for my band at two events. 

The experience in hiring Pride for the job was easy and seamless. They provided great planning for the events and everything ran smoothly. 

I Highly recommend Pride to fellow industry members needing a protective service"
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