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Bodyguarding and Executive Protection

Our bodyguards are private security operatives trained for close personal protection of a principle or asset. Pride Security bodyguards are experienced professionals ready to provide you with a complete security service tailored to your needs. 

Bodyguarding comes in many shapes, sizes and looks. From the black-suited operator to a plain-clothed operation every client's security needs have different criteria and we are here to help.
*Prices may vary based on the requirements of the role and level of threat.

What Is a Bodyguard

A bodyguard is a certified and specially licensed private security guard who is employed to protect a principle or person carrying an asset. Our bodyguards receive extensive training that is nationally accredited as well as company training and personal development. 

licensed bodyguard training is provided by an Australian registered RTO who delivers the nationally recognised course developed by the government to ensure competency in the role. 

A security bodyguard must be licensed for each state they operate in. Pride Security employs many guards across Australia who hold licenses for multiple states.

Benefits Of A Body Guarding Service

Safety is the number one priority of bodyguard services. Our clients can be sure that our fully inclusive security guard services will strategically plan the event to keep them safe and secure for the duration of the service. Depending on your threat levels you will benefit from a personal protection security service in more ways than one. Some of the benefits of professional bodyguards are:

• Providing security and safety for the principle
• Keeping your sensitive information protected
• Professional risk assessments based on the known or unknown security threat
• Planned escape routes and contingency plans should the threat present itself
• The ability to involve Police should a threat be presented

Who Needs Personal Protection Bodyguard Services

The reality is at one time or another everyone could need bodyguard service. Hired security is something most clients are now comfortable with, it's no longer just for celebrities. Security needs vary from case to case which is why we tailor protection plans for each individual job. Some of the clients that we see use bodyguards for hire service are:

• Diplomats
• Divorcees
• Wealthy people
• Witnesses to a crime
• Executives
• Victims of crime
• Celebrities
• Government workers

What Does A Bodyguard Do

Bodyguards can work as an individual, or more commonly as a team. Bodyguard services can be a casual role carried out for people under a temporary threat, or an isolated incident. A bodyguard can also be a full-time role which in some cases include living with the principal permanently or for a temporary time period. A bodyguard's role isn't just to escort the principal. 

A fully inclusive bodyguard service includes planning trips through Australia and the routes taken to the destination along with alternate routes to take should the original route be compromised. Bodyguards also perform room searches and check the destination for known security threats prior to the arrival of the principal. 

Bodyguards may simply escort the principal for their day to day activities ensuring safety and recognising threats. If the threat to the principle is known extensive research and checks are performed to minimise the risk as much as possible. A temporary role for an event or appearance demands extensive research of possible unknown threats, travel routes and departure and arrival locations. Often The security threat for celebrities and public figures is the general public. 

The general public can be hard to contain and minimise the risk which is why extensive planning must take place. Threats that a principal could encounter, and that need to be planned for include but are not limited to:

• Assault
• Theft
• Harassment
• Exploitation
• Kidnapping
• Assassination
• Loss of confidential information

What Can A Bodyguard Be Employed To Do?

Anyone can employ a bodyguard. A bodyguard can be employed by a person, company, organisation or government. A bodyguard can go anywhere you go. Some events need large amounts of prior planning and some need a fast reaction where time for security planning can not be given. Some bodyguard security services include but are not limited to:

• Protection of a spouse
• Protection of minors
• Driver-bodyguards
• Close personal escorts
• Protection teams
• Escorting in/out of an event
• High profile executives
• Protection for a public area
• Professional threat protection
• Protection of a principle carrying Sensitive information
• Protection of a principle carrying valuable items

Corporate Use Of A Bodyguard

A corporate entity may hire a bodyguard for many reasons. From high profile executives to entry-level employees any staff member who is under personal threat due to work-related issues should have bodyguard services in place. On-site, security personnel may not be trained to handle a higher risk level than their usual duties which is why licensed bodyguard services should be used. 

Close protection can be simply to escort the threatened staff member to and from work. Bodyguards may be necessary to escort a visitor in and out of your office or building. Whatever your security needs we can tailor a plan to fit budgetary needs without compromising the close personal protection. 

Some examples of when you might need professional bodyguards for close protection are:

• Workplace disputes
• Protection while travelling
• Terminating employment
• Speaking arrangements
• Meetings
• Announcing staff cuts
• Meetings

Private Use Bodyguards

Bodyguards are often hired personally by individuals for many reasons. A person may feel themselves or their family need protection due to direct threats made to them. The threat maybe is known or unknown. 

A threat can present dangers in many ways from travelling to work to weekend personal activities. A bodyguard service could be necessary to escort the principals with a 24-hour service this includes remaining statically at the principal's residency overnight. The extent of research and protection necessary is determined by the time of threat the principle is under. 

Examples of personal threats that could give an individual the need for a bodyguard are:

• Threats from an ex-partner
• Threats from an ex-employer
• Threats from a client or customer
• Being stalked by an individual
• Possessing an item somebody is willing to compromise your safety for
• Professional disagreements
• Threats to other immediate family members
• Domestic violence

Alan Curtis

Operations Manager - iDetect Group
"Pride Security Group has provided iDetect in New South Wales, a high level of professionalism in not only responding to our clients alarms in an efficient and timely manner but also providing detailed reporting of their findings.

Pride Security Group has also apprehended a number of offenders caught onsite. The training that Rick has provided to his team, gives them the confidence and experience to approach each situation with a high degree of focus to ensure a positive and safe outcome.

Rick has accompanied our NSW BDM to site meetings with clients to ensure he has the full brief on the job he will be undertaking. This also goes a long way with our clients showing them we have a serious and professional company working with us on the protection of their assets and site.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Pride Security Group."

Chris - Director
Ultraglaze Services International Pty Ltd

"Pride Security Group manage the security services of our national distribution warehouse. Our warehouse distributes to 10+ franchises Australia wide so security of the stock is important to us. Pride Security Group have always provided a service above our expectations and we look forward to many more years of business together.

Michael Kennedy
Home Owner

"Pride installed a new alarm and camera system in my house. I was recommended them by a friend and couldn't have been happier with the service. Due to working night shift my house is regularly unattended at night which is why I wanted back to base monitoring for the peace of mind that Pride will check my house if there is an alarm activation. I have since recommend pride to my family members who have nothing but positive reports."

Erween Imperial International Singer and Song Writer

"The team at Pride Security Have provided close personal protection and asset protection for my band at two events. 

The experience in hiring Pride for the job was easy and seamless. They provided great planning for the events and everything ran smoothly. 

I Highly recommend Pride to fellow industry members needing a protective service"
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